Developing a Core Metrics Comparison report
2 min readMar 1, 2022


Spot changes in an individual’s pattern and be able to recognise the extent of these changes.

MySense is actively developing a new feature to enable clinical caregivers to use the MySense platform more efficiently by removing a lot of the manual work required in analysing the individuals’ data, and looking for differences from norms over long periods of time.

What is the Core Metrics Comparison report?

Core Metrics Comparison looks at several metrics for a specific individual (someone with MySense system installed) and compares changes in those metrics distributions in a specific week compared to an individual’s defined baseline period. The system then advises areas which have displayed the largest degree of change, and the areas which make up the change.

For example, if an individual usually spends around 7 hours in bed in the baseline period and, in the following week, the individual only spends 3 hours in bed on average, this would be flagged as a high change.

Following the calculation of these changes in the core metrics, a report is generated for that individual to highlight the changes. It gives a breakdown of the scale and degree of changes for each metric, as well as an overall change for the week.

We don’t provide any value judgements on the change (e.g., whether it’s positive or negative). We only highlight the level and severity of change to clinical caregivers so that they can assess whether further investigation or action is needed.

Why is it important? What’s the value in developing this in our platform?

Our hypothesis is that Core Metrics Comparison will help monitors and carers scale their workflow. We believe that notifying people to the metrics that have the highest rate of change first, will enable them to carry out an assessment of a person’s wellbeing more accurately, and quickly than if we didn’t have it. We’ll know our hypothesis is correct if clinical caregivers are able to review more patients in a day or take less time in reviewing individuals.

What’s next?

We’re testing a beta version of this feature with an initial sample of clinical caregivers to ensure it meets their needs. Once we complete our beta testing we’ll be rolling it out across all the organisations on the MySense platform.

Written by Mohamed Beldo, Head of Data at MySense. Edited by Lyzbelle Strahan, Head of Product.



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