Meet one of our incredible Data Scientists, Diogo Ribeiro
2 min readMar 1, 2022


At MySense, we like to celebrate the array of diversity we have across the team. Each seasonal newsletter, we intend to bring to light one of our amazing employees by highlighting their culture, background, their story into their job role and why they chose to be a part of MySense.

The first member of the team we’d like to introduce is our incredible Data Scientist, Diogo Ribeiro.

Diogo was born and raised in Portugal in the era of disco music, which holds influence on him to this day as his current interests include electronic music and music production. From the age of 8, Diogo has had a passion for mathematics and his dream was to become a professional mathematician. Getting his first computer aged 11, an Olivetti (Italian brand) 8086, was a pivotal moment for Diogo as it enabled him to start coding in True Basic during school and by doing so, he realised his interest in puzzles and problem solving. As a result of this, he decided to attend college and study a degree in Pure Mathematics for 5 years. Dedicated to the cause, he was also able to fund his way through college through working as a bartender, a DJ (influenced by his love for music) and tutoring.

Based on this tutoring experience, Diogo decided to work as a teacher upon finishing college. A few years later, he delved into work as a Data and Production analyst and manager. This fuelled his desire to become a Data Scientist, as he enjoyed the adrenaline rush of creating solutions and was able to see its vast impact. He fell in love with the idea of improving people’s lives for the better, something his role in teaching had equipped him with. In turn, he decided to take a masters degree in Applied Mathematics which encompassed a large computer science component. Seeking the opportunity to utilise both his knowledge and experience to make a difference, he discovered the opportunity to work at MySense where he now makes a huge impact on the company as its Data Scientist and on the company’s users.

Going for walks, riding his bike, travelling near the ocean or river and hanging out at the local pub are all things Diogo enjoys doing in his free time. His ability to enjoy a variety of activities resonates with his determination to make the most of every opportunity, something which is reflected during his time at college. He is a lover of all cuisine, particularly Mediterranean, and also of good red wine.

Written by Priyanka Bhardwaj, Junior Digital Marketer at MySense.



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