Meet The Team: Olivia Harker — UK Managing Director of MySense
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This month’s spotlight is on Olivia Harker, Managing Director of MySense UK.

Describe your role at MySense?

My position is to direct and lead the UK business. The UK business is the commercial and delivery arm of the MySense Group. The UK has commercial goals to achieve in terms of units and subscription to the MySense platform. As well as achieving sales of units we have a defined process to deploy them into our customers and ensure the units are well used and the subscriptions, therefore, become ‘self-renewing’. Customer satisfaction with our service and technology is also a key area of focus within the team.

Why did you join MySense?

I joined from a partner organisation and had been working with the MySense team and product for around 18 months when the opportunity arose to join the MySense team. I passionately felt and feel that MySense can change the way that care is delivered to individuals and that it can improve their quality of life.

From a personal perspective at the time I was first introduced to MySense, I had an elderly relative who I thought that using a solution such as ours would change their life and ours as their family for the better. I wanted to be part of the team to drive that benefit forward. I’ve left a career and found a vocation.

What do you care the most about?

The natural world. We have seen such habitat destruction and I am concerned about the world we will leave to our children. I love that MySense has values that align with my core beliefs around the part we should play in maintaining our environment and I am keen to continue and progress the stance that we adopt.

Who or what makes you smile and keeps you positive?

My three-year-old daughter. The world viewed through the eyes of a child is a simply wonderful place.

What’s your vision for health-tech in the year 2030?

My vision aligns with the trajectory we are on as a business. MySense leads the way and by the end of the decade, we will be one of the leading global players in health technology.

We will have created such depth of data and insight that we will enable early diagnosis and intervention of a wide range of conditions. More broadly I think the general public will have taken on a much greater understanding and acceptance of AI and ML and that our lives will be far more data-driven.

Healthcare will become more community based with fewer admissions into hospital-type facilities driven by the prevention agenda that MySense enables. The data we hold as individuals on ourselves will also mean we have the ability to understand the consequences of our lifestyle choices much more acutely and in a personalised context.

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