MySense Is On A Mission With Marvel And Disney To Help Everyday Superheroes Soar
2 min readDec 14, 2020

MySense is proud to be partnered with The Superhero Series, a sporting event created by Paralympian Sophia Warner

In 2017, MySense proudly began their partnership with The Superhero Series, a sporting event created by Paralympian Sophia Warner. Disappointed by equipment and rules restrictions often seen in sport competitions, Warner decided to create a more inclusive space. And the Superhero Series events are the UK’s only disability sports series where the participants themselves get to call the shots.

Twice a year, everyday superheroes are invited along for a day of fun and celebration at Dorney Lake, Buckinghamshire. Alongside MySense, super sponsors Marvel and Disney set the stage for an electric day where everything is possible. Participants can complete the triathlon however they choose, either completing the activities solo or teaming up with family and friends. There are no time limits, equipment specifications, or restrictions of any kind. As their website states, “as far as we’re concerned anything goes!”

Prepared with a booth, hot and cold beverages, cupcakes, and cheer, MySense ensures the participants have a welcoming area to rest and refuel every year. The pandemic this year made things a bit more difficult but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Warner and her team thought outside the box and encouraged their participants to complete their challenges at home. Their milestones could be achieved in the garden, the park, or even in their living room.

The 2020 “At-home Superheroes” challenge was a massive success, garnering TV coverage from Channel 4. Participants were divided into teams, each lead by a super celebrity team captain. With paralympian legends like Anne Usher and Sophie Christiansen as well as comedians and presenters Adam Hills, JJ Chalmers, and Alex Brooker there is no shortage of inspiration for participants. As lockdown continues, “the Winter Wonderwheels” event has gone virtual as well.

November marks the beginning of a month-long sports challenge created by the Superhero Series. Throughout the month, members of the MySense team will join in and log their daily kilometres with a goal of 3,200 kilometres and help contribute to the “race around the world” mission. Follow the hashtag, #findyourpower across social media channels to cheer them on.

Written by Selina Gard, Content Creator at MySense.

Originally published at on December 14, 2020.



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