MySense Partners With M8 Solutions
2 min readMar 9, 2021

Businesses share common goal of changing the future of healthcare through preventative insights

MySense is pleased to announce a partnership with M8 Solutions to help expand our reach in the healthcare sector and make more organisations aware of the positive impact MySense is making through our preventative data insights.

M8 Solutions help NHS trusts find technologies which enable organisations to work more effectively.

The business was founded by Tracy Scriven and Paul Hinchy after they worked together at Manchester General Hospital. Tracy has more than 30 years business experience, 10 of which are within healthcare and Paul has guided complex organisations through technology changes for more than 15 years.

‘We’re delighted to be working with M8 Solutions as we continue our expansion in the healthcare market and consolidate our position as the market leader in AI driven wellbeing analytics,’ said Lucie Glenday, CEO and founder of MySense.

‘M8 Solutions is an organisation with impressive sector experience and a customer centric approach that is based on values of strong ethics and integrity — values that are at the heart of our drive to support wellbeing and independence for our users.

‘MySense and M8 Solutions offer customers the ability to implement transformational technology with the knowledge that they are fully supported to make the very best use of the AI driven insights that MySense offers.

‘The team at MySense are thrilled to have M8 Solutions representing us in the UK market.’

Tracy and Paul added: ‘We are working towards a common goal, a goal of being part of a paradigm shift in the delivery of care. Together we are moving away from a reactive crisis-management approach to preventative crisis-avoidance.

‘AI presents opportunities to improve care and productivity in health and care settings. The NHS is already seeing some great applications of AI.

‘In collaboration with MySense, M8 Solutions is harnessing the benefits of this technology ensuring it is used safely and ethically delivering tangible results in admission avoidance, re admission avoidance and earlier discharge.

‘On behalf of M8 Solutions we’d like to thank Lucie and her fabulous team for their approach to this collaboration. We look forward to the continued growth of AI in preventative health and care.’

Written by the staff at MySense.

Originally published at on March 9, 2021.



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